Gothenburg, 6 November 2006 - Gatespace Telematics AB (GSTM, Gothenburg Sweden) a leading provider of open source middleware, announced today that Knopflerfish, GSTM's OSGi™ distribution has been selected as the middleware component for Ricoh Company Ltd. (Ricoh, Tokyo Japan) in its Embedded Software Architecture™ (ESA) device platform.

Ricoh's choice of using Knopflerfish as the key middleware component in ESA enabled products will fulfill enterprise customers' requirement for a robust and flexible executing environment. Ricoh aims to further expand its leadership position in the industry by providing state-of-the-art Knopflerfish products, thus enabling its customers to benefit from the most effective and efficient document-handling solutions.

Toshiroh Maruyama, Division General Manager of Document Solution and Services Division in Ricoh Company Ltd., said "We are an early adopter of Java™ technology and will launch Knopflerfish OSGi distribution in the coming models of our Multi-functional Products (MFPs) and laser printers. Ricoh has a long-term corporate policy to facilitate enterprise customers' applicable business environment as a preferred document-handling partner. The selection of Knopflerfish, as our single OSGi framework, can bring about a dynamic revolution into the current office environment and strengthen our position in the industry. Knopflerfish provides the portability required to manage and support a range of applications, based on individual client job orders and specifications".

"We are honored that Ricoh, a leading fortune 500 company, has selected Knopflerfish to become an integral part of its product line-up for the next generation of ubiquitous MFPs and printers. Ricoh's recognition of Knopflerfish is yet another proof that our open source strategy is perfectly in line with the ever-changing market needs", said Christer Larsson, founder and CEO, GSTM.

Knopflerfish provides a common platform architecture to ensure security and stability to Ricoh and their customers. The OSGi service platform in ESA enables Ricoh's enterprise customers to seamlessly integrate their customized solutions with Ricoh's advanced platform. Knopflerfish allows Ricoh and their customers to add and upgrade new functions in runtime, as applications are independent from hardware. Knopflerfish enables unique new 'aftermarket' opportunities by providing a proven technology to maintain life cycle management and efficiency.

About Gatespace Telematics AB

Gatespace Telematics is a leading provider of Java™ technology and OSGi based middleware that facilitates a world of ubiquitous services. Gatespace Telematics middleware easily enables applications to be added, removed, upgraded or reconfigured securely. The resulting service application is dynamic and can be set to meet any new or changed needs out in the field.
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About Knopflerfish

Gatespace Telematics is the founder and maintainer of Knopflerfish, an open source OSGi distribution. Gatespace Telematics offers complementary middleware products and services to Knopflerfish, giving companies the assurance needed to use open source software in commercial products.
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About the OSGi Alliance

The OSGi Alliance is a worldwide consortium of technology innovators that advances a proven and mature process to assure interoperability of applications and services based on its component integration platform. The alliance provides specifications, reference implementations, test suites and certification to foster a valuable cross-industry ecosystem. OSGi technology is delivered in many Fortune Global 100 company products and services. For more information on the non-profit technology corporation, visit:

About Ricoh

A global leader in digital office solutions, Ricoh ( creates new value at the interface of people and information, offering a broad range of digital, networked products, including multifunction products, printers, fax machines, DVD/CD media, and digital cameras.

About Embedded Software Architecture™

Ricoh's "Embedded Software Architecture™" is an open, scalable development platform with multiple benefits: it is Java-based, an object-oriented development language with rich network interfaces; allows for tighter integration with MFP devices and Laser Printers; and developed applications can be easily and cost effectively migrated across multiple platforms.
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Embedded Software Architecture is a trademark of Ricoh Company, Ltd.

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