Makewave Resources

Makewave Resources

Our resources section contains fact sheets, data sheets and other documentation that gives you a more detailed look of our company, markets and products.

Fact- and Data Sheets

Fact Sheets
Company Fact Sheet The Makewave Company Profile
Data Sheets
Knopflerfish Pro Our Commercial Open Source OSGi Service Platform
Knopflerfish Pro Premium An extended edition to Knopflerfish Pro
Knopflerfish Pro Enterprise The Enterprise edition of Knopflerfish Pro
Knopflerfish Service Program Service Program / Support Level Agreement for Knopflerfish
Knopflerfish Comparison Chart Pick the right Knopferfish version for your needs
Ubicore Remote Management and Provisioning System for OSGi services
Makewave Ubility Concept Professional Services, OSGi technology and embedded systems
Lime - short facts The easy-to-use licensing tool enabling 'Software as a Service'
Lime - a closer look A more detailed, technical description of Lime

Promotional Material

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OSGi Material

White Papers
Technical Whitepaper, About the OSGi Service Platform, rev 4.0
Business Whitepaper, Leveraging OSGi Technology
Business Papers
Challenges for Today's Automotive Manufacturer
Challenges for Today's Consumer Electronics and White Goods Manufacturers
Challenges for Today's Mobile Electronics Operators and Service Providers
Challenges for Service Providers and Operators