History in Making

History in Making

Established in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1999 as a joint venture between Ericsson and CR&T, Gatespace AB swiftly made a mark as a key supplier of Internet based service systems that were intended to control, supervise, distribute and configure e-services within the broadband and Telematics market. Gatespace’s complete e-service system blessed service suppliers and operators with the opportunity to interconnect companies in the outskirts of the Internet.

The company invested 130 man years on the development of a distributed service platform, i.e. the roots of Knopflerfish, based upon the standards set by the Open Source Gateway initiative (OSGi). Gatespace has been a member of the OSGi Alliance from instigate in 1999 and a major contributor to the various framework revisions ever since. As a founding father and owner, Ericsson was enthusiastic to use Gatespace’s platform and eventually the Swedish giant developed a full-scale system, the e-Box, based upon the OSGi distribution.

Staffan Truvé The other instigator of the joint venture, CR&T, held a high reputation as the ambassador of Swedish innovation companies and its staff consisted of some of the brightest and most award-winning computer engineers around at that time, creating offspring after offspring of exciting new companies. The choice of CR&T founder and leader, Staffan Truvé, to leave his position at CR&T in order to become CEO of Gatespace in 2001 is a clear indication of how promising OSGi is as a technology and Gatespace was a company for the future.

The appointment of the two well-qualified Americans D.R Koski (of Netscape) and Bob Hodges (of Sun Microsystems) further enhanced Gatespace’s prospect and led way to the opening of a branch office in the US. At its peak, Gatespace had 55 employees and grew by the minute in what was to be the dawn of the Telematics era. Gothenburg, as the hometown of many companies within this industry, was quickly nicknamed Telematic Valley.

The tides would however turn and as the IT bubble began to burst in the early years of the new millennium. Just a few months after Gatespace’s fall in 2003, Gatespace Telematics AB (GSTM) was formed with the goal to provide technology and solutions for the continuously growing Telematics market as well as to further the pioneering work of Gatespace AB within the fields of OSGi distributions. Knopflerfish was reformed and became an open-source organisation promoting software in support of OSGi.

Christer Larsson In June 2003, Staffan Truvé became Chairman of the board, and GSTM appointed 37-year-old Christer Larsson as the new CEO. The company has since continued to render good results, thus we are steadily growing with profit. In May 2005, GSTM made their first ever acquirement when Gothenburg-based Secureon AB, providers of an advanced licensing-on-demand system - Lime - were fully incorporated as a subsidiary.

In the spring of 2007, following a string of successful international operations, the decision was finally taken to re-brand the company. Since OSGi has been growing steadily in importance within a large number of fields, forming a defined ubiquitous services industry, the suffix 'Telematics' was not explaining the vast array of expertise our company holds. In May 2007 the company-name was changed to Makewave AB, a name that satisfyingly showed our nature as a creator and provider of products and services that accelerates businesses world-wide.

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