What we do

What We Do

Makewave is the versatile IT company whose organizational structure easiest is described as divided into three separate segments - much like a tripod - that are working together in close symbiosis to form one strong entity. Confusing? Not really.

These segments have explicitly been dubbed the Product Portfolio, the Consulting Portfolio and the Open Source Portfolio.

Makewave's Product Portfolio consist of three strong product brands with Knopflerfish Pro being the flagship, Ubicore - the power provisioner , and our 'Software as a Service' solution Lime, the utility that puts you in charge of your licenses. The Product Portfolio is often seen as the main foot of the tripod, since it is our first-rate, well-renowned and internationally recognized middleware that in many cases defines us and opens doors to new and exciting customers.

The Consulting Portfolio is equally important to Makewave. With our long experience of ubiquitous services, and embedded and distributed OSGi & Java based system, we are a strong partner for any company in need of true OSGi expertise or other Java-related professional services. Our uniquely skilled consultants offer knowledge gathered from working within the very core of OSGi and Java development.

Last but not least, our Open Source Portfolio. Since we always have loved the joy of giving, Makewave early on understood the tremendous potential of a vibrant and dedicated development community. By supporting, maintaining, contributing and endorsing various Open Source projects, Makewave has quickly made a mark as one of the industry's more avid Open Source promoters - especially considering our role as maintainer of the Knopflerfish organization and its globally appreciated platform standards.

To learn more about our portfolios and our offering, please turn to our products and services page.

Why we make waves

It is no secret that middleware is not considered a particularly glossy product to offer - i.e. we know that Knopflerfish Pro probably never will top anyone's birthday wish-list.
We also know that in 99,9 percent of the cases our products are functioning flawlessly; meaning that our customers might even forget the fact that their brand new, revolutionizing product relies heavily upon our middleware - and the waves it makes.

Since middleware as a product seldom is seen or heard of, but rather quietly allows others to enjoy its functionality, we see a likeness between our products and services and a wave started in the middle of the ocean and slowly growing in power and posture the closer it gets to the shore.

Th is metaphor means that we make the waves that our customers can ride upon - i.e. a splash from one of our products makes rings and bow-waves on the surface that accelerates and assists the developing company's progression. Surfing close to the shore, where the wave reaches its peak, are the end consumers of our customer's commercial product.

And believe us -'surfers' never care about who started the wave, i.e. provided a product's middleware. As long as new and preferably better and more stable waves keep coming in, they're happy. Happy end user equals happy customer - happy customer equals happy middleware provider. Catch our drift?

Since we are a leading provider of ubiquitous systems and solutions, as well as OSGi based platform technology and have leading expertise in distributed systems design, java technology and embedded systems, we know that our comprehensive industry expertise of the ubiquitous services industries - gained through almost ten years of experience - combined with our position as an avid Open Source community contributor, is what sets us apart from the competition.

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