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New Major Release

Knopflerfish Pro

Knopflerfish Pro 6 is released - OSGi R6 compliant

Available for download for our customers

Makewave LMC

Consulting: Makewave LMC

Use the Makewave License Management Consulting to increase return on your investments

Implementing a new licese strategy is an opportunity to accelerate growth and customer satisfaction. However, for the organisation it is also often a major challange. To help you reap the large potential benefits, Makewave License Management Consulting can help on many levels in the license planning and implementation process.

On the technical side, we can build a solution on the basis of your existing system, one of our existing products or from scratch if that is the most profitable solution for you. Depending on your requirements we can either take on responsibility for the whole project, meaning that you outsource development to us, or we can act as advisors to your development team.

On the business side, we help you setup and create a license strategy with regards to such issues as what license models and what level of control you should apply. Where are the risks and where are the opportunities? Should the process be divided into several steps?

Simply put, our License Management Consulting services helps you increase return on your licensing investments and focus on your core business.