Success Story: Ricoh

Japanese multi-functional printer (MFP) giants Ricoh, a leading fortune 500 company, early on realized the benefits with OSGi and the power it brings. After thorough investigation, comparison and trials, the results of Ricoh's comprehensive internal testing stood clear - Makewave's Knopflerfish Pro outshone all of the other competing platforms and Ricoh unanimously decided to use Makewave OSGi distribution for their Embedded Software Architectureâ„¢ (ESA) device platform.

As soon as Ricoh had turned their Knopflerfish usage into the commercial version, they launched Knopflerfish Pro and shipped tenth of thousands of units in what is a majority of their latest high-end MFPs and laser printer models, including - but far from limited to - the best-selling Aficio model-range.

Ricoh quickly realized the value of having an active community to cover all customizations and special functions needed for their many local markets. To gain the trust of their community, Ricoh appreciates the value of a stable and reliable platform like Knopflerfish Pro which also provides them with an easy-to-use environment. Knopflerfish Pro makes it possible for Ricoh, Ricoh’s customers and their third party developers (the community) to add and upgrade new functions during runtime and to deliver unique "aftermarket" solutions.

The success story of Ricoh is a perfect example of how Makewave's business model is intended to function;
First you discover our Open Source portfolio and recognizes the top-notch software quality and the vibrant community. Next, you trial and test for a period until it stands clear that our product - in the case of Ricoh, Knopflerfish - lives up to the hype. When the decision to use our OSGi distribution in an commercial product is reached, our customers convert Knopflerfish into Knopflerfish Pro, thus stepping up from our Open Source portfolio to our Product Portfolio. This step in its turn means that the customer, as a fully licensed and certified Knopflerfish Pro user, gets to take full advantage of the expertise found in our Consulting Portfolio as well.