Solution: Enterprise

Solution: Enterprise

Enterprise Software is best explained as software intended to solve an enterprise problem and is a rapidly growing segment that is getting more and more business critical for both large and middle-sized companies. Enterprise software is often categorized by the business function that it automates - such as CRM, billing or sales force software. It also varies by industry verticals due to common business processes within a specific industry.

With an increasing number of software copies distributed by the enterprise software developers a new troublesome situation is arising; the growing essentiality for the software developers to easily maintain and upgrade their software in the field without operational disturbances. It is not plausible to send an engineer and stop the operation for a couple of hours, let it be in the middle of the night, each time the software needs to be maintained.

This is where Makewave steps in. Our product Knopflerfish Pro gives enterprise software developers a solution that levers the client above problems with a service-oriented, component-based environment and a standardized ways to manage the software lifecycle. With a Knopflerfish Pro based product, enterprise software developers can enjoy the full power of OSGi for software life-cycle management meanwhile resting assured that they have full support and assurances, providing them with all the incentives needed to commercialize the product. It is no longer necessary to dispatch an engineer for on-site maintenance or even to restart the product after an upgrade; all this can be done in run-time remotely with Ubicore.

What is also becoming obvious to many enterprise software developers is that the customer wants to buy software copies, functions and features on-demand or as a service. In most cases the value proposition for an on-demand service is wrapped up in the fact that the user or consumer of the service avoids a significant up-front financial investment and instead participates in a "pay as you go" plan - a model which makes on-demand services frequently more affordable for users.
This puts new requirements on how to license the software and Makewave takes on the challenge with its license management product Lime.

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