Solution: Residential

Solution: Residential

Makewave's Connected Lifestyle

In today's world, many of us already view ourselves as being connected. We're connected to each other and our families via our telephones and our email. We're connected to the Internet via our computers, and we're connected to our offices via our cell phones and palm top devices. But are we really living a 'connected lifestyle'?

We are connected to the Internet when we turn on our computers; wait for an OS to launch and connect to our Internet Service Provider (ISP). Connectivity is lost the instant we log out or turn the computer off and this is not what is meant by living a 'connected lifestyle'. Even though we consider ourselves to be connected to our office, we can still only follow changes to our calendars/schedules as long as our cell phones are turned on or we have checked our email to see if a meeting or appointment has been cancelled. Obviously, this isn't either the definition of a 'connected lifestyle'.

Now, close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting at work when you receive a phone call or email message from the local appliance repair shop. They are inclined to schedule a repair visit because your washing machine has sent a signal to the home computer that it is not functioning properly. When the repairman arrives you remotely turn of the burglar alarm and open the door, using your mobile as you are out of office for lunch. In order to keep your dog calm you use the remote feeder to feed him and the audio system to talk to him. When the repairman is done you turn on the burglar alarm and lock the door by using the touch screen in your car. Now, isn't that what you would call ubiquitous services?

Next, think about the senior who wakes up in the middle of the night and needs to go to the bathroom. Once he or she gets out of bed, lights are automatically turned on and lead the way down the hall. After the toilet-visit, the senior - who has got dementia - decides to go for a late night walk. As the front door is opened, an alarm-signal is sent to the home-nursing center where the nurses instantly connect to the service gateway LCD wall-pad. In a gentle voice the nurses now remotely can tell the senior to go back to bed for yet another hour.

Now, does all this make you think of '1984' and the 'big-brother-is-watching' concept? Well, you couldn't be more wrong. Whereas the frightening ideas of Orwell's classic puts the power of surveillance on a higher level, thus enabling people to spy on you, what the 'connected lifestyle' offers is full-control of your own realm at the palm of your hand. Wherever you are and whatever you need to do to stay updated, look after your family and properties - with a connected lifestyle, and its truly ubiquitous services, the power is at your command and you are once-again in-charge of your life.

Basically a 'connected lifestyle' is one in which individuals use a variety of devices that are connected seamlessly and transparently to each other and to other devices, which are interacting in real-time via wireless and wire bound connectivity from anywhere in the world. Service gateways are a critical component and the backbone in this new infrastructure being developed for the 'connected lifestyle'.

Makewave, as a leading provider of middleware and services, is at the forefront of this area, creating a market together with telecom operators, standards organizations, device manufacturers and other service provider. Our product Knopflerfish Pro is a device manufacturer's perfect choice for embedded platforms, whereas our Ubicore is the choice for telecom operators who want to remotely manage and deploy software during the service gateways lifetime.

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