Solution: Telecom

Solution: Telecom

In a converging world our telecom roots and experience is fundamental to understand and foresee where the technology and business is headed. Today you see not only a rapid convergence within Telecom for NGN including IMS, IP-TV, MOD, Triple play, Quattro play… etc, but what is important to realize is that you have a convergence between Telecom and Telematics, Residential and Industrial market.

To be able to deliver high quality Telematics products and services you must understand the telecom value chain from consumer device to back-bone infrastructure and the same is true for all residential services. Fixed line telecom operators is desperately seeking a way to stop the revenue bleeding as they are loosing subscribers every hour that abandon the fixed line to only use a mobile.

Infrastructure suppliers who have been focusing only on mobile expansion are realizing the revenue potential in the already existing copper wires. Together they are working with service providers to deliver the most attractive services for the residential use. Industrial and especial M2M services is exploding due to that telecom operators has recognized the potential market value and developed special package prices only for data traffic utilizing the over capacity in the networks.

Regardless from which angle you look at Telecom from Makewave holds the solutions for you - either with our products or through our services.

Makewave Mobile Device Solutions

Everbody knows that Java is extremely successful in the mobile phone world. Over 250 million mobiles, i.e. over 300 models, support Java applications. The mobile market has so far been targeting the games by supporting a limited version of Java unfortunately not suitable for system and business applications. The market for mobile enterprise applications has therefore never taken off.

All this is however about to change. At then end of 2003 a mobile expert group (MEG) was formed within the OSGi Alliance. Within the group Nokia and Motorola are driving de development of an OSGi based standard for the next generation of smart phones. Reasons to form the group was the mobile phone manufacturers’ - faced with more mobile platforms and custom software adaptations than they can manage – need of a service platform that is scalable, flexible, reliable, and, most importantly, leaves a small footprint. Enterprises that want to deploy company-wide applications are today faced with a bewildering array of choices. A unified mobile platform will allow a new breed of applications to emerge. The OSGi specifications fulfill these requirements.

The OSGi Service Platform is an open, deployment platform which offers life cycle management for mobile applications and services. It enables operators, enterprises, and mobile device and application manufacturers to dynamically extend the platforms features after manufacturing. For example, an IT Manager can install new APIs or applications to employees's existing mobile devices over-the-air independently of the mobile phone model. This technology increases efficiency for enterprises and offers new business opportunities for developers. The Service Platform – i,.e. Knopflerfish Pro - also enables a new business model of client middleware; a model that surely will become a driving force within the industry

Makewave is of course part of the OSGi Mobile Expert Group and consequently has early access to all specifications. By taking part in MEG we also leverage the specification with our expertise.

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