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Paremus & Makewave combine forces to support
OSGi in the Enterprise

The Nimble Distribution - a commercially supported OSGi distribution for enterprise applications.

London, UK and Gothenburg, Sweden 13th December, 2010 – Paremus, the pioneer of OSGi™ based Private Cloud computing, today announced a partnership with Makewave, the company behind the Knopflerfish OSGi Service Platform and whose company history is intertwined with the birth of OSGi, to provide a fully supported software distribution for the most demanding of enterprise customers.

Just as Linux adoption in the enterprise benefited from the availability of commercially supported „Linux stacks‟, Paremus and Makewave believe that the „Nimble Distribution‟, the industry‟s first fully commercially supported distribution of OSGi for the Enterprise, will help further accelerate OSGi adoption. This is especially true for those organizations that see modularization as a core element in achieving radical reductions in application Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The „Nimble Distribution‟ will initially comprise of the following elements:

  • Paremus OSGi Shell (Posh) – A Unix-like interactive shell and scripting environment for OSGi
  • Nimble Resolver – The engine of the Nimble Distribution. Fast, flexible and highly extensible, the industries most sophisticated and simple to use policy based OBR dependency resolver and provisioner.
  • Remote Services & Remote Service Admin - A high quality, high performance implementation of the OSGi Alliance‟s specifications by Paremus, that includes pluggable discovery, topology and synchronous / asynchronous distribution providers.
  • Makewave Knopflerfish Pro Enterprise – a high quality, certified compliant, implementation of the latest OSGi R4 V4.2 service platform specifications.

The „Nimble Distribution‟ will also offer Apache Felix and Equinox as alternative OSGi service platforms.

The objective is simple. Developers can download Nimble secure in the knowledge that the distribution is rigorously tested and supported by two of the industry‟s most innovative OSGi companies.”, said Christer Larsson, Makewave CEO. ”From the developer‟s desktop to a distributed production system, we aim to provide a coherent OSGi offering that is simple to use and backed by the highest quality support”.

Customers can start developing Blueprint or Declarative Service based applications using „Nimble‟, and deploy these to Production”, said Richard Nicholson, Paremus CEO. ”When ready, the customer has the option to deploy these self-same applications, without change, to the Paremus Service Fabric; thereby realizing additional reductions in application TCO and OPEX savings.”

The „Nimble Distribution Starter Pack’ is available as a free download and enables a developer to use it on up to 5 machines. Organizations that want to deploy the resultant systems to production may then upgrade to Standard or Premium support. Standard and Premium customers will also have access the Paremus commercial OBR repository, which will include a range of supported generic and industry aligned OSGi bundles.. Source code is also available to Premium support customers.

“Discounts are available to customers who upgrade to Standard or Premium support within 6 months of downloading the „Starter Pack‟. Members of the OSGi Alliance are also entitled to an additional 10% discount” said Mike Francis Paremus, Sales & Marketing Director. “The OSGi Alliance provides important stewardship of the OSGi specifications and this is one way in which Paremus and Makewave can help encourage users of OSGi to join the Alliance and participate.” The Nimble Distribution is available immediately from

About Paremus

Paremus is a market leader in delivering a next generation OSGi-based runtime, the Paremus Service Fabric, for service oriented applications to run across a Cloud Computing environment. The first in a new era of standards-based, adaptive, dynamic, model-driven application runtimes, the Service Fabric provides significant cost savings, enhanced agility, enhanced service availability, improved resource utilization, and increased environmental and operational efficiency. Nimble Core is the standalone OSGi server that is used for each node in a Service Fabric and the Nimble Distribution provides the industry’s first fully commercially supported distribution of OSGi for the Enterprise Identified by Gartner as a Visionary in the Enterprise Application Server marketplace, the Paremus Service Fabric leads the way in offering a distributed runtime that leverages the OSGiTM and Service Component Architecture standards that are now being adopted by the Java Application Server industry. Offering a unique approach to application provisioning, management and removal, while simultaneously making it easy to add scalability and resilience, the Paremus Service Fabric allows architects and developers to concentrate on delivering business requirements and application functionality, and the business to benefit from automatic resource optimization that dramatically reduces operating costs.

The Service Fabric can be used for a single application on a cluster of machines through to multiple applications across the entire data center, dynamically moving resources between applications and services according to real-time business demands, pre-defined SLA’s and Cloud Computing resource availability.

About Makewave

Makewave, with the flagship product Knopflerfish Pro, is a leading provider of OSGi technology for embedded and enterprise use. With more than 10 years experience with OSGi, Makewave possesses unique competence and understanding of OSGi and is your ideal partner to help you to catch the wave of OSGi that is now sweeping the shores of the Java community. Makewave's comprehensive industry expertise in all OSGi markets, gained through years of experience, and long standing Open Source community contribution, is what sets it apart from the competition.

Makewave maintains Knopflerfish, an open source OSGi distribution, and offers complementary middleware services and products to the freely available Knopflerfish, giving companies the assurance needed to use open source software in commercial products. The offering includes the commercial "Knopflerfish Pro" editions, that are provided with full support agreements, training and consulting services.

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Paremus press contact:
Mike Francis
Tel USA: +1 415-738-8349
Tel UK: +44 (0) 207 993 8915

Makewave press contact:
Christer Larsson
Tel. SE +46 709 75 91 75


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