About Makewave

About Makewave

Makewave is a Swedish IT-company located in Gothenburg, with its roots originating in a joint venture between telecom giants Ericsson and renowned incubators Carlstedt Research & Technology. Makewave's reputation and expertise is built upon leading the development of the e-box business under the Gatespace brand-flag during the late 90's.

Even though our name has been changed since, Makewave has continuously developed and refined the company offering, thus now being at the forefront of new and evolving markets, where innovative solutions for a wide variety of industries such as automotive, enterprise, industrial residential and telecom all blend together into one - an area commonly referred to as ubiquitous services.

With close to a decade of experience within these relatively young industries, it comes as no surprise that Makewave is a leading provider of ubiquitous systems and solutions. We provide OSGi based platform technology, leading expertise in distributed systems design, java technology and embedded systems. With in-depth expertise in the latest technology and profound industrial knowledge, Makewave helps technology- and software-intensive customers worldwide to shorten development times and use the most suitable technology more efficiently.

Introducing the Ubility Concept

Being an innovative and foreseeing company with a close to unique competence within our staff, we have grown to realize that there really is very little within our designated fields that we are unable to deal with. When trying to abbreviate our skills into a few words - or rather, one word - we found ourselves struggling; no words could fully describe our comprehensive versatility, flexibility and expertise.

So, what do you do when there are no roads? You pave them. At Makewave, we are used to leading the way, and were not hindered by a simple lack of vocabulary. Much like when we revolutionize, refine or invent new software architecture, we invented our own word describing just what sets our consultancy services apart. We give you - Ubility.

Makewave has experience and expertise within all ubiquitous services industries, thus we deem ourselves to have an ubiquitous ability of the market - hence the introduction of the Ubility concept. In our world, ubility means that we are your perfect partner when it comes to ubiquitous services - whether you only need consulting and support or if you are looking for first-rate middleware as well.

We believe in sharing

Being a strong believer in open systems, open standards and Open Source, Makewave is working actively within the OSGi Alliance, participates in standardization projects, and offers an open source certified OSGi service platform - Knopflerfish.

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