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New Major Release

Knopflerfish Pro

Knopflerfish Pro 6 is released - OSGi R6 compliant

Available for download for our customers

Knopflerfish Pro

Knopflerfish Pro Enterprise is launched!

Nimble Distribution Nimble Distribution Knopflerfish Edition

OSGi Certified

Knopferfish Pro 3.5 is Certified to be OSGi R4 V4.2 Compliant

Knopflerfish Pro Enterprise

Product: Knopflerfish Pro Enterprise

Comprising of certified compliant OSGi technology and backed by commercial support, Knopflerfish Pro Enterprise is the Knopferfish Pro edition of choice for enterprise run-time use.

The flexible licensing and support fee model with a per node/server fee targets both the fortune 500 companies, as well as SMEs desiring to use Knopferfish Pro Enterprise as their OSGi runtime container.

The Nimble Distribution - Knopflerfish Edition, provided in co-operation with Makewave partner Paremus, brings even more value as the fully supported software stack for OSGi enterprise application development and management.

Licensing Knopflerfish Pro Enterprise

Just like Knopflerfish Pro, the Knopflerfish Pro Enterprise license is bundled with a Service Program that defines an SLA, Service Level Agreement. However, the license and license fee model has been adjusted to better fit the needs of the OSGi enterprise user.

The main differences are the limitation to a Right To Use license (RTU) and the pay per node model.

The table below provides an overview of the features and differences.

Feature Knopflerfish Pro Knopflerfish Pro Enterprise
License Right to Use and Right to Distribute to End Users Right to Use license. No redistribution to end-users
SLA Bundled with license Bundled with license
Fees Fixed Annual Fee Per node or server
Java environment Wide range of enterprise, desktop and embedded JVM:s supported JSE, JEE 5 or 6 only
System Platforms Wide range of CPU families and OS Server linux, Unix and Windows

OSGi Release 4, version 4.2 Certified

OSGi Certified 4.2 Like all other Knopflerfish Pro editions, Knopflerfish Pro Enterprise edition is certified by the OSGi Alliance to be compliant with the latest OSGi specifications, OSGi Release 4, version 4.2 specifications.

Nimble Distribution - powered by Knopflerfish Pro Enterprise

Makewave Together with partner company Paremus offers the Nimble Distribution, the industry’s first fully commercially supported distribution of OSGi for the Enterprise.

The Nimble Distribution Knopflerfish Edition comprises of the following components:

Nimble Distribution Knopflerfish Edition
Knopflerfish Pro Enterprise The enterprise edition of Knopflerfish Pro, the high quality, certified compliant, implementation of the latest OSGi R4 V4.2 service platform specification.
Paremus OSGi Shell (Posh) A Unix-like interactive shell and scripting environment for OSGi
Nimble Resolver The engine of the Nimble Distribution. Fast, flexible and highly extensible, the industries most sophisticated and simple to use policy based OBR dependency resolver and provisioner.
Remote Services & Remote Service Admin A high quality, high performance implementation of the OSGi Alliance’s specifications by Paremus, that includes pluggable discovery, topology and synchronous / asynchronous distribution providers.

More information on the Nimble Distribtion, including pricing and downloads, is available at the Paremus web site

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The following data sheets provides additional information on the various Knopflerfish versions and service programs.

Please contact us on for more information regarding Knopflerfish Pro Enterprise and Nimble Distribution, as well as our other products.