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Telematics service providers are looking for ways to enable new services and develop recurring revenue streams. Next generation telematics services such as vehicle and driver related services, ITS services, and Fleet Management services are the solution.

Makewave offers a range of products and solutions for Telematics Service Providers (TSP) and Content Service Providers wanting to develop and deploy OSGi based telematics systems.

Telematics Service Providers and Content Service Providers wanting to develop their own services to run with the Ubicore platform can use the service platform to develop, test and deploy services.

A selection of telematic services available:

Vehicle Services — Directly related to the vehicle, Vehicle Services involve communication with in-vehicle devices connected via in-vehicle networks. Some examples include:
  • Remote Diagnostics — Monitoring of critical components in the vehicle predicts and prevents failures.
  • Software Upgrades — Remote updates of non-critical vehicle software eliminates expensive recalls.
  • Airbag Deployment Notification — Automatic notification to emergency centers when an airbag deploys and the current GPS position of the vehicle will substantially shorten the response time for a rescue operation.
  • Remote Door Unlock — Stranded passengers are rescued with remote door unlock.
  • Vehicle Tracking — Track vehicles for fleet management or locate stolen vehicles.
Driver Services — This category of services are targeted towards the driver of the vehicle, and are information-based services for convenience
  • Navigation — Traffic maps and weather information is provided real-time.
  • Location-based Services — Location specific e-commerce information e.g. nearest hotel, restaurant or ATM help commuters find services quickly.
  • Parking Information — Parking space availability in nearby parking garages is provided.
Infotainment Services — The vehicle is no longer an island, but seamlessly integrated into your everyday life. Information or entertainment services available at work or at home are now available in vehicle. Targeted towards the passengers, these services avoid driver distraction.
  • Mobile Office, mail, PIM, office date
  • Voice Recognition and Speech
  • Point of Interest
  • Gaming
  • Chat
Fleet Management Services — Targeted towards owners of large vehicle fleets, Fleet Management Services are focused on tracking and monitoring vehicles to help increase results while decreasing operating costs.
  • Asset Management — Assets management benefits from real-time tracking of vehicle location, status, and mileage.
  • Tracking & Tracing — Locating specific vehicles for scheduling speeds up delivery of goods.
  • Logistics — Automating functions associated with matching vehicles with drivers.
Government ITS Service — Governments throughout the world see Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) services as one of the most important means for more efficient and safer transportations systems in the future. Services believed to greatly enhance the traffic situation include:
  • Road Tolling and Road Pricing — "Virtual Toll Stations" calculate fees without slowing traffic.
  • Floating Car Data — Selected vehicles report speed, outside temperature, rain sensors, etc. to provide a view of the current traffic situation and road conditions.
  • ISA - Intelligent Speed Adaptation — Information on the current speed limit based on exact position sent direct to the vehicle.

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