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The Makewave brand

In May 2007, the Makewave brand-name saw broad daylight for the first time as Swedish OSGi giants Gatespace Telematics changed their name once and for all. The motives of re-branding were quite a few, but they all came down to one specific reason - the company's rapid growth and continuous movement into new and quickly evolving markets, thus leading to the suffix, 'Telematics', suddenly not sufficiently explaining the company's many areas of expertise anymore. Basically, the "telematics" part of the name had turned into an unnecessary limitation.

Before: GSTM After: Makewave

The management was seeking for a positive, vibrant and easy-to-pronounce name that could sum up our role as a middleware producer and consulting company that lovingly helps other companies evolve. As our flagship product - the highly appreciated Knopflerfish Pro - coincidentally has a maritime name, the desire was to strengthen the bonds to the product by finding an appropriate name connected both to the naval origin of Knopflerfish as well as to underline the fact that the company HQ is located by the harbor in Gothenburg, Sweden - Scandinavias largest port. When the surfer's term to "make wave" - meaning to successfully reach a wave and go for a ride - was mentioned all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Makewave - short, witty but still with enigma - fulfilled all of the managements criteria.

Since middleware as a product seldom is seen or heard of, but rather quietly allows others to enjoy its functionality, one can see the likeness to that of a wave started in the middle of the ocean and slowly growing in power and momentum the closer it gets to the shore. We believe that we make the waves that our customers can ride on, i.e. a splash from one of our products makes rings on the surface that accelerates and assists your company's progression. 

Makewave - taking middleware forward

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