Project: 3GT

3GT - Open (OSGi-based) in-vehicle telematics platforms for the mass market
Date: 2002-07 – 2003-12

An EC funded research project. Participants were major European car manufacturers, Vodaphone, etc
Scope: The conflict between the life-cycles of vehicles and their telematics components is sometimes referred to as the "life-cycle disaster". OSGi (Open Services Gateway initiative) has the potential to solve this problem as it offers a framework for managing the life-cycle of network-delivered applications. The 3GT project will extend OSGi to support automotive telematics by establishing common interfaces for OSGi-based telematics service delivery.

Makewave headed one of the two technical working groups. Makewave participated in the design and implementation of both client and server parts utilizing OSGi, J2ME and J2EE technology and did the implementation of HTTP based protocol over GPRS.

Check out the 3GT website for more information.