Success Story: Compumine

When the Swedish company Compumine launched their product, Rule Discovery System (RDS), with a new license model the industry was stunned. Never before had a data mining solution been offered with such a flexible licensing model. Compumine's key to this success? Makewave's compelling license-on-demand product Lime.

All companies are of course reluctant to pay more in license fees than absolutely needed at a specific point in time, and often they find themselves to be in shortage of licenses during peaks or in times of expansion. Unfortunately these scenarios result in illegal copies being distributed or other workarounds that are not in favor of the software manufacturer.

Compumine early on recognized this problem and decided to abandon fixed license fees for a per-usage based license model - i.e. Makewave's Lime. Companies can freely download RDS and even analyse data to find hidden correlations and rules. These correlations and rules are then simulated in models and one example of a model is the prediction of which customer that will be profitable. Compumine is charging per prediction and their on-demand software solution is exactly what customers are looking for. It allows customers to easily scale up, or down, their software usage and it gives customers access to the software when they need it without a lengthy purchase process. Since a revolutionizing business model depends revolutionizing components, Compumine's decision to use Makewave's Lime was really a no-brainer.

After thorough research, Compumine found the real business value with RDS and now the customers only pay when utilizing the real value the software solution offers. What we have here is a clear win-win situation with a happier customer, no initial investments and a very flexible solution. Of course Compumine is happy as well as customers tend to use the software more when they have easy access to it. All thanks to a little Software as a Service wave started by Makewave.