Success Story: Volvo

Being a Swedish company from Volvo's hometown, Gothenburg, we are obviously very content with counting in the world-leading automotive manufacturer as one of our loyal customers.

Since vehicles are driven by people, Volvos view is that: “Safety is – and must always be – the basic principle in all design work.” The focus on safety, durability and quality has been part of this world-leading automotive company’s development from day one back in 1927.

We believe that this is the thinking behind Volvo's selection of Makewave as a supplier of products and services. Knopflerfish Pro is a very stable and reliable product meeting the high standards of Volvo and our professional service resources always do their utmost to deliver on time with high quality. Makewave has been working with almost all parts of Volvo in Telematics and consulting projects including Volvo subsidiary WirelessCar.