Success Story: Siemens

German giants Siemens AG is one of the world's largest technology companies, with close to 500,000 employees spread throughout 190 countries.

With these figures in mind, Makewave is very proud over the fact that Siemens has launched a series of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) components utilizing the Knopflerfish Pro OSGi platform; including the HiPath 8000 Assistant, the HiPath Media Server, and the OpenScapeTM SDK. This for instance means that the availability of OpenScape SDK enables Siemens’ enterprise customers to develop enterprise applications more cost effectively and efficiently by providing the means to develop with maximum reuse of existing software components.

Siemens is currently using Knopflerfish Pro for building high-end enterprise-level solutions and communication services on SOA frameworks, and since Siemens is a company on the forefront of the adoption process of OSGi within the server-side and enterprise application area - areas that are currently gaining a lot of momentum - Makewave is honoured to work together with Siemens Communications to bring the OSGi technology into the enterprise communication market.