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Knopflerfish Pro

Knopflerfish Pro 6 is released - OSGi R6 compliant

Available for download for our customers

JPA Course

Course: Java Enterprise Beans 3

Enterprise Java Enterprise Beans 3 and Java Persistence API

This 3 day training introduces concepts of Enterprise Java Beans 3 and Java Persistence API. The course familiarizes the participant with the usage of a standardized application framework for building large-scale, scalable, robust, secure, transactional distributed E-Business systems using the features of the JEE5 platform. The class focuses on the business and persistence tiers of enterprise applications.

The participants will gain knowledge of the features in EJB 3, enabling you to realize the productivity gains over and above earlier versions of EJB. Participating developers are prepared to start a real world project after the training.

  • Why a standardized enterprise application framework?
  • To get a fundamental understanding of Enterprise Java Beans 3 – EJB 3 – and Java Persistence API – JPA
  • To learn and practice the concept of Domain-Driven Design – DDD – in terms of JPA and EJB 3
  • To retrieve best practices for building and deploying scalable enterprise applications
  • The training exercises focus around an example from the real world by building a movie database. Here we make use of most aspects of the presented technologies like: session- and message-driven beans, entities, and web services.

Please Contact Us for more information regarding this course, or our other products and services.