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New Major Release

Knopflerfish Pro

Knopflerfish Pro 6 is released - OSGi R6 compliant

Available for download for our customers

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Knopflerfish Pro Premium - OSGi R6

Knopflerfish Pro Premium is an extended edition to Knopflerfish Pro, adding a User Interface package and an Application Manager, bringing the concepts of the OSGi Appstore to the OSGi enabled gateway. The Premium edition also includes TR-069 functions, as well as ohter useful utilities.

The Premium choice for your Gateway

Knopflerfish Pro Premium Application Manager Knopflerfish Pro Premium is the premium choice for your gateway. The powerful Application Manager and User Interface packages is a first class choice for creating a user interface for an OSGi enabled home or automotive gateway. An operator can easily define a branded layout for the gateway and any 3rd party applications will automatically follow the selected look&feel.

The Knopflerfish Pro Premium data sheet describes the User Interface and Application Manager packages in more detail.

Licensing Knopflerfish Pro Premium

Knopflerfish Pro Premium is an extended edition to Knopflerfish Pro and thereby the Knopflerfish Pro Premium license contain two parts:

  • Knopflerfish Pro fixed annual price license and service program
  • Knopflerfish Pro Premium royalty based license for the Premium components.

Extended Versions of Knopflerfish Pro

Knopflerfish Pro Premium and Knopflerfish Pro CVIS replaces the older extended versions KF Pro Auto, KF Pro Home, and KF Pro Mobile of Knopflerfish Pro. With the release of Knopflerfish Pro Premium they are discontinued and no longer supported.

Related Resources

The following data sheets provides additional information on the various Knopflerfish versions and service programs.

Please contact us on for more information regarding Knopflerfish Pro Premium as well as our other products.