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New Major Release

Knopflerfish Pro

Knopflerfish Pro 6 is released - OSGi R6 compliant

Available for download for our customers

Knopflerfish Pro OSGi

Product: Knopflerfish Pro - OSGi R6

Knopflerfish Pro (KF Pro) is an OSGi R6 compliant service platform and can perhabs best be described as the commercial certified version of the open source OSGi project Knopflerfish, which is led and maintained by Makewave.

With Knopflerfish Pro you are guaranteed to run an OSGi Service Platform that is based on open source, always designed according to the OSGi Specifications, and fully supported. You also get the unique components only available in Knopflerfish Pro, making Knopflerfish Pro a complete implementation of the OSGi Release 5 and Release 4 specifications.

Knopflerfish Pro 6, OSGi Release 6 - IoT Ready

Knopflerfish Pro 6
  • OSGi R6
  • Compact 316K framework
  • Embedded OSGi
  • Open Source Based, Fully Supported
  • IoT ready
Knopflerfish Pro 6 is the current major release and brings KF Pro to OSGi R6 for both OSGi Core and OSGi Compendium specifications. KF Pro 6 also includes a compact version of the Knopflerfish OSGi framework, targeting embedded devices and occupying no more than 316K of disk-space.

Designed for embedded use, and with its compact size, Knopflerfish Pro is the ideal choice for IoT gateways

Knopflerfish Pro 5, 4 and 3

Knopflerfish Pro 5, 4 and 3 remain as fully supported OSGi R5, OSGi R4 v4.3 and OSGi R4 v4.2 alternatives for customers seeking previous versions of OSGi. Last but not least we of cpourse guarantee the support for all the millions of devices already deployed and running KF Pro 3 or KF Pro 4.

Knopflerfish Pro Components

Knopflerfish Pro extends open source Knopflerfish and includes the following additional components

UPnP Services
UPnP Control Point UPnP Control Point bundle
UPnP Device UPnP Device bundle
OSGi Residential & Mobile Management Services
DMT Admin The Device Management Tree (DMT) Admin bundle
Deployment Admin The Deployment Admin service
Auto Configuration The auto-configuration resource plug-in for the deployment admin service.
Application Admin The Application Admin Service
Monitor Admin The Monitor Admin Service
Foreign Application Access A midlet container for Application Admin
Additional OSGi Compendium Services
Wireadmin The WireAdmin service
Initial Provisioning The initial provisioning service

Knopflerfish Service Program

Knopflerfish Pro always comes with a Knopflerfish Service Program that gives companies the full assurances needed of a supported open source product when embedding Knopflerfish OSGi in commercial products. When companies have come to the point where they turn their OSGi ventures into commercial products, the choice of a completely certified and fully supported version of the platform is an absolute necessity. It must be considered as natural as getting a house or car insurance to choose a Knopflerfish Pro in a commercial product.

Knopflerfish vs Knopflerfish Pro vs. Knopflerfish Pro Premium

The Knopflerfish comparison chart is an aid in identifying which version of Knopflerfish meet my requirements best.

For more information regarding the pro's of using Knopflerfish Pro, visit our Go Pro! site, or read our customer success stories in the showroom to learn about the many leading fortune 500 companies whom already have discovered the strength of Knopflerfish Pro.

Licensing Knopflerfish Pro

The Knopflerfish Pro license is bundled with with a Service Program that defines an SLA, Service Level Agreement. The cost is always a fixed annual fee for licensing Knopflerfish Pro. This is the only cost for using Knopflerfish Pro. There are no additional licensing or royalty costs for using or deploying software shipped with Knopflerfish Pro.

Extended Editions of Knopflerfish Pro

Makewave provides a series of extended editions to Knopflerfish Pro. As the name indicated the these editions extend Knopflerfish Pro by including value added components not in the default Pro version.

Related Resources

The following data sheets provides additional information on the various Knopflerfish versions and service programs.

Please contact us on for more information regarding Knopflerfish Pro as well as our other products.