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New Major Release

Knopflerfish Pro

Knopflerfish Pro 6 is released - OSGi R6 compliant

Available for download for our customers


Ubicore 3.9 is released!

Available for download from the customer zone


Product: Ubicore - OSGi remote management

Ubicore is the central point of control in a connected world, providing the necessary features to provision and remotely manage any OSGi enabled device.

Used as stand-alone system with a web- based management interface for administrators, or integrated into an existing system or solution through its Web Services interface, OSGi enabled devices like residential gateways, vehicle gateways, industrial equipment etc. can be remotely managed and monitored.

Ubicore OSGi Overview

OSGi bundle life-cycle management

OSGi bundle life-cycle management is fully supported. The Ubicore agent is integrated with the OSGi DMT Admin Service supporting OSGi standardized management protocols OMA-DM and TR-69.

The OSGi Configuration Admin service is fully integrated with Ubicore. Bundle configurations can be uploaded or created in Ubicore and provisioned to selected devices and made available through the CM service.

Ubicore can serve as a backing store for the OSGi Preferences service, allowing a bundle to store its preference data.

Service / Application / Subscription Model

Knopflerfish Pro Premium Application Manager Ubicore features a service / user / subscription model where one or more bundles are grouped together into an Application to realize a Service which a User can Subscribe to. This feature, combined with the Knopflerfish Pro Premium UI and Application Manager packages are ideal for building the OSGi based App Store.

The application is packed in a deployment archive and uploaded/deployed to Ubicore, possibly by a third party.

Ubicore features

Ubicore Features
Ubicore server JEE server based on spring, hibernate
Management Protocols OMA-DM, TR-69
Agent OSGi bundle integrated with DMT Admin. adapters for OMA-DM and TR-69
User interface Web based admin portal
Web Services Web services interface for integration with other systems.
Database JDBC compliant DB. Oracle and Postgres fully supported
OSGi Management Full bundle life cycle management
Bundle Configuration Provisioning of configs, integrated with Configuration Admin service
Bundle Preferences Backing store for OSGi Preferences service.
Service Subscription Service / User / Subscription model where bundles form an Application that realizes a Service.

Download the Ubicore factsheet or contact us on for more information regarding this and our other products.