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New Major Release

Knopflerfish Pro

Knopflerfish Pro 6 is released - OSGi R6 compliant

Available for download for our customers

Makewave Product and Service Portfolios

Our Portfolios

Products: OSGi & Java Technology

Knopflerfish Pro OSGi
  • OSGi R6 compliant
  • OSGi R5-R3 for older platforms
  • Runs in millions of devices
  • Open Source Based. Fully Supported
At the center of Makewave's product portfolio is Knopflerfish Pro, an OSGi service platform optimized for the embedded market, supporting OSGi R6, R5, R4 and R3. Knopflerfish has been in deployed in client devices since 15 years and runs in millions of units across the globe.

The extended editions Knopflerfish Pro Premium and Knopflerfish Pro CVIS complement Knopflerfish Pro and provide a rich set of value added services. The Knopflerfish Comparison Chart describe the differences between the various Knopflerfish versions in more detail.

  • Remote Management of OSGi devices
  • Bundle Provisioning
  • Configuration & Bundle Monitoring
  • Cloud Server, REST API
  • OSGi App Store

The second fundamental piece is Ubicore, a remote management system, designed to provision, configure and monitor OSGi bundles running in client edge devices. Makewave's Ubicore runs as a Cloud service, integrates via REST, and puts you in control of your devices.

Ubicore features a service / user / subscription model where one or more bundles are grouped together into an Application to realize a Service which a User can Subscribe to. This feature, combined with the Knopflerfish Pro Premium UI and Application Manager packages are ideal for enabling the OSGi based App Store.

The final piece of the puzzle, Lime, is our revolutionizing licensing tool enabling Software as a Service (Saas). Lime's mission is to apply intelligence to license management for better and more profitable business.

Services: Our experts with 15 years of OSGi experience

Consulting Services
  • OSGi Expertert
  • Java Experts
  • Software Architects

Whether you are looking for OSGi Expertise, OSGi Training, or support from the core developers of the successful Knopflerfish platform, or for world-class professional services within any of the five ubiquitous services markets automotive, enterprise, industrial, residential or telecommunications, our experienced professionals offer you innovative, yet practical solutions that help you to align your technology investments to strategic goals and gain maximum returns. With our consultants' unique competence we can offer leading professional services for any purpose.

Training & Courses

OSGi&Java Training
  • OSGi Courses
  • OSGi Workshops
  • JEE Courses

At the center of our training portfolio are the 2 or 3 day OSGi Training Courses that we are successfully conducting on a world wide basis.

With the success of the OSGi technology in the enterprise market, Makewave has expanded the course portfolio to also include Java Enterprise courses as a complement to the fundamental OSGi training courses. The enterprise courses cover topics like Enterprise Java Beans 3 and Building SOA courses using Spring

Open Source Portfolio: Knopflerfish OSGi

Being a strong believer in open systems, open standards and open source, Makewave is working actively within the OSGi Alliance, participates in telematics standardization projects, and maintains an open source certified OSGi service platform - Knopflerfish.

Knopflerfish is a non-profit organization, developing OSGi related material. The project aims to develop and distribute easy to use open source implementations of the OSGi specifications, as well as related build tools and applications. Knopflerfish is available under a BSD style license and the current version of Knopflerfish is 3.1.1. which was released on 20 October 2010.