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We believe that the easiest way to show how Makewave can help accelerate your company's development is by sharing some of our customer success stories. Makewave is, as you soon will notice, working closely and successfully with many of the world's largest companies within the ubiquitous services industries.

Whether we are providing Japanese giants Ricoh with Knopflerfish Pro, middleware to their brand-new line of MFP's, involved in a revolutionizing EU-projects or providing companies such as Volvo, BMW or Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen with our professional services - our 'Ubility' - all of our customers are equally important and equally inspiring to us.
We appreciate to see how our products and services makes waves that helps our clients' product development accelerate and evolve.

Enough of us talking about ourselves - let's hear of the company's and projects actually 'surfing' on the waves we make.

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